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photo of Rachel Lewis on VacationRachel Lewis works to help others restore balance in their lives and return to a healthy weight. Rachel realized some time ago that in order for her clientele to lose weight they need more than books and guides, and having experienced and seen the results achieved on comprehensive retreat trips she knew this was the best way for their progress.

Now having founded Weight Loss Trips she is in the progress of planning vacations all around the world for her clients to enjoy the benefits and reap the rewards of these holiday experiences all around the world.

Some of the featured locations are India, Bali, Thailand, Australia, Costa Rica and Rachel’s home state of California.

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Weight Loss Trips
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More about Rachel Lewis

Ever since I was very young I always loved to travel, we would vacation in France, sightsee in Greece, frequent picturesque islands in the south pacific and roadtrip across America. I loved it and I guess it stuck.

As I grew up I was very active and engaged in a number of different sports from swimming to aerobics, dancing and even track and field. Yet somewhere down the line that all changed. It was at the time when I had just finished university and the stress of daily life was getting to me, I was living in the city where fastfood reined supreme, traffic and people everywhere making navigating the streets a living nightmare.

The entire experience got me all turned around. Before I knew it I was 30 pounds overweight and without a clue how to get rid of it.

It was at this time that I first was introduced to detoxification and the benefits that it could bring. As well as Yoga and modern fitness classes like TRX and tabata as well as fun training sessions like Zumba. All of this came together at just the right time for me and fortunately I lost much of my weight within the next few of years.

What’s more my love for sports and fitness was rekindled and I quickly became fascinated in fact with optimizing my workouts and diet plans, as well as coming up with customized programs to get me even slimmer and fitter. I went on four or five retreats in Asia, twice in Bali, and three times in Thailand, in that same period and met some really fun and interesting people.

After that I had the opportunity to help plan and organize a retreat in Ubud which is on Bali island and something just clicked. That’s when I really started to take my life seriously and began to realize that my passion and future lay in health and fitness and more specifically helping people lose weight because that was what I was good at.

Fast forward to today and I’ve put on many dozens of weight loss retreats in locations as diverse as Tulum in Mexico, Koh Samui in Thailand and of course Bali in Indonesia.

Now with weightlosstrips.com, I would like to really see what we can do and try to really help people who are ready to take the all important steps to changing their health, and ultimately their lives. So I hope you’re ready, because we’re here to get you out of your comfort zone and into the body and life that you want.

With love and kindness,

Rachel Lewis