Weight Loss Retreat in Bali

Super excited about our next Weight Loss Trips’ destination the top retreat in Ubud, Bali Weight Loss. It is being run by Sophie Jones who I know many of you are already familiar with or have even been to her retreats in Costa Rica.

Sophie is a good friend of mine and someone I trust completely to deliver a holistic and inspired retreat whether the goal of it is a full body detox, cleansing of the mind, or in this case a straight to the point weight loss retreat.

Bali is also one of my very favorite destinations for wellness holidays and retreats because it is such a magical land as it is, full of spirituality, vibrance and goodness. Just writing about it makes me tingle! When I’m on the island I am almost always located in the area of Ubud because it’s, for me anyway, by far the nicest place in Bali.

I’m so happy in fact that the retreats will be run in Ubud because it is a very special place for me and the ideal place to just forget about the past, and embrace a new and healthy future.

So definitely very excited about it and will be posting more as I know more!


Hey – one last thing, if you’d like to know more about the program details for the weight loss retreat you can see here and also can contact Sophie via the website. She is working with some weight loss specialists in Bali so you’ll either get them or talk to her directly 🙂

Next Trip is to Mexico, Tulum

We’re very happy and excited to announce our next Weight Loss Trip is in the beautiful resort town of Tulum, Mexico. This retreat is designed to be as much as a fun and fascinating vacation as it is a weight loss holiday, with sightseeing, beach trips, tours and a variety of exciting activities all part of the package.

photo of retreat resort for weight loss retreat in Tulum, Mexico
As always we will be meeting up in Santa Barbara, California, where we will all set off together to Mexico!

The most important part of your spa vacation is of course losing weight and how much you can lose which is why we’ve teamed up with professional fitness trainer and renowned weight loss coach Erwin Kristoff to lead the training.

On day one of your weight loss retreat in Tulum you’re meeting one on one with Erwin where you will be planning out the perfect program to meet your custom specifications. This is of course after you’ve met with Julian who is the specialist dedicated to the weigh-ins and tracking of your results from start to finish of the program.

And then the program begins for a full 14 days allowing your body to lose as much weight as possible in this short getaway vacation in beautiful Mexico.

And as part of your package holiday we’re going to be sightseeing around the beautiful seaside town of Tulum. We’ll be visiting the Ruinas Mayas de Tulum which is a fascinating historic landmark of the Mayan era. As well as Sac Actun caves and the LabnaHa Eco Park.

This is the first post we’ve released on the upcoming Tulum retreat and we will be releasing more information very soon. So stay tuned!

Rachel Lewis

P.S. The early-bird tickets are being released shortly, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.

P.P.S. You can view some great photos of Tulum here, it’s such a wonderful destination!

Upcoming Retreat in Goa with Jessica Davis

We will be updating you as more information comes in about Jessica Davis’ retreat. As previously mentioned it is being hosted in Goa in India which is a really lovely destination for a healthy and fun holiday.

For those who have trained with Jessica before you’ll know that it’s the perfect blend of detoxification and bootcamp fitness training.

The retreat will be raw vegan and a full detoxification with cleansing drinks, herbs, Himalayan salt, bentonite clay, psyllium husk and enemas. Combined with daily Yoga, beach bootcamps, fitness classes and activities like hiking as well as sightseeing and tours around Goa.

This is just a quick shout out for the upcoming retreat in India so get ready for more details coming as soon as get them. I think Jessica will also be writing a short piece of her trip which we will publish for you.

Thanks and talk soon,