Weight Loss Retreat in Bali

Super excited about our next Weight Loss Trips’ destination the top retreat in Ubud, Bali Weight Loss. It is being run by Sophie Jones who I know many of you are already familiar with or have even been to her retreats in Costa Rica.

Sophie is a good friend of mine and someone I trust completely to deliver a holistic and inspired retreat whether the goal of it is a full body detox, cleansing of the mind, or in this case a straight to the point weight loss retreat.

Bali is also one of my very favorite destinations for wellness holidays and retreats because it is such a magical land as it is, full of spirituality, vibrance and goodness. Just writing about it makes me tingle! When I’m on the island I am almost always located in the area of Ubud because it’s, for me anyway, by far the nicest place in Bali.

I’m so happy in fact that the retreats will be run in Ubud because it is a very special place for me and the ideal place to just forget about the past, and embrace a new and healthy future.

So definitely very excited about it and will be posting more as I know more!


Hey – one last thing, if you’d like to know more about the program details for the weight loss retreat you can see here and also can contact Sophie via the website. She is working with some weight loss specialists in Bali so you’ll either get them or talk to her directly 🙂

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  1. Hi Rachel, wanted to be the first to comment and say hi because I will be attending the weight loss retreat run by Sophie this year in Bali – an also so excited about it!

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